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Overhead cranes (also commonly known as bridge cranes) are commonly found in a wide variety of environments and industries. From the refinery floor or the fabrication shop to automobile assembly, manufacturing, and more, overhead cranes are expected to perform consistently and reliably. At Capco Crane & Hoist, we’ve built our reputation on assembling cranes that our customers can count on, day in and day out. Capco Crane & Hoist Manufactures a variety of overhead bridge cranes, offering a number of solutions for specific applications. Whether you require a crane that is ergonomic and manually operated or a crane that is power driven and can handle massive loads; Capco Crane & Hoist can help.

Top Running Bridge Cranes

The Best Top Running Bridge Cranes & Components Available: Assembled, Serviced, and Sold by Capo Crane & Hoist Inc.

Any great overhead bridge crane starts with great components (i.e. end trucks, controls and hoist), at Capco we only use the best components available for top-running bridge cranes that get virtually any job done. The typical single girder bridge crane is 15-tons or under, 60′-0″ span or under, 150 FPM bridge speed or under.

Single Girder Overhead Traveling Crane

Single girder top running cranes are used for a wide variety of applications, and provide incredible value. They combine a high degree of cost efficiency and performance, making them ideal for a long list of businesses, industries, and applications.

Double Girder Top Running Overhead Cranes

Double girder top running cranes are typically used for applications that require lifting loads over 20-25 tons. For applications that require greater lift height than is typical with a single-girder overhead crane, double girder cranes are a good solution.

The Capco Difference

The difference with a “Capco built” single girder bridge crane is that the fabrication is done perfect every time. Our expert crane engineers, crane fabricators, and electricians follow strict quality control guidelines to ensure perfection in every crane. The result is a solution that’s ideal for your application, for greater productivity, flexibility, and reliability. Capco Crane & Hoist can make a difference with virtually any material handling application.

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Under Running Bridge Cranes

Typically there are three major groups of under running cranes. Patented track bridge cranes, enclosed track bridge cranes, and “I” beam or WF beam under running cranes lend themselves to an incredibly diverse range of applications, each with their own advantages.

Patented Track Bridge Cranes

The first group, patented track bridge cranes run on patented track, which is a fabricated section with a hardened running service. The track itself wears very well in tougher applications, and the track can be designed to yield tremendous wheel loads. Patented track systems lend themselves to heavy capacity, heavy use or “switching” or “spur” track applications.

Enclosed Track Bridge Cranes

The second group, hugely popular today is the enclosed track style bridge cranes. The enclosed track is perfect for lighter capacities and usually manually operated cranes. The enclosed track is ergonomically designed to roll very easily. The enclosed track type crane has become the push/pull crane of choice in most work cell applications.

“I” Beam or “WF” Beam Under Running Cranes

The third type of under running crane is the classic “I” beam or “WF” beam crane. Very economical to build, this style crane will run on an “I” beam or “WF” beam lower flange. This type of crane is good for larger capacity, lighter duty applications. If this type of crane is applied properly and built right, it will provide many years of good service with very little downtime.

When Not to use an “I” Beam or “WF” Beam Crane

Put this type of crane in the wrong application, and you can spend thousands of dollars on wheel problems and replacing bad sections of runway beams. At Capco, we will help you select the right type of crane for your application.

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Heavy Engineered Bridge Cranes

Quality double girder cranes, box girder cranes and material handling
This is where Capco really sets itself apart from the competition. We are the only crane company in New England that will actually design and build the box girder beams “in house” required for large capacity bridge cranes. Many companies cannot build the girders or do not have the facility to build the girders. We design and build the girders in our plant. Once the girders are built, the crane goes together like every other double girder crane. Important details like perfect girder construction with automated “sub arc” welders, tube hand rails on walkway, hatched lights on walkway and high quality paint job all add to the overall look and quality of a Capco crane. A Capco “box girder” crane is a custom built machine made to run longer and harder than any of the other brands. Each box girder crane is hand crafted and made special for your specific application.

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