Crane Hoists & Hoist Accessories

For applications in industries around the world.

If your business requires frequently suspending heavy or bulky loads, good hoisting equipment is absolutely essential. Hoists work together with a crane to provide the lift and travel your applications require. For this reason, there are a wide variety of hoist and crane types to accommodate your specific needs.

As a leading provider of custom cranes and service, Capco Crane & Hoist Inc. is also a leading resource for hoists. Most hoists lift loads with roller chain, link chain, or wire rope and are configured to support the load you commonly encounter with your applications.

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Hoist Accessories & Attachments

An incredibly diverse range of below-the-hook connectors are available for the many applications that require them. Common hoist accessories include:

C Hooks

An add-on used to lift a coil by inserting a hook into the coil. C-hooks are often used in industries that frequently deal with large, heavy coils of metal. Coil grabbers are also available, which use a set of tongs or other gripping mechanism to turn or lift the coil.

Drum Turners

A simple attachment for turning over drums, for emptying, filling, storage, and loading.

Gripping Lifters

Utilize friction or pressure to stabilize and hold loads. Solutions can include clamps or tong grabs, using a scissor-action to secure the load.

Lifting Beams

Constructed from fabricated metal (or solid wood for lighter applications) to provide multiple lifting points to more effectively secure and control a load’s movement. Spreader beams can be used in conjunction with lifting beams to further spread the load across multiple points.


Magnets can lift, carry, and release flat and round objects. This can be done with or without a power supply for a number of applications.

Mechanical Lifters

Constructed of two (or more) parts that secure the load when manually closed.

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    Pallet Lifters

    A common ‘fork’ attachment used to lift pallets.

    Sheet Lifters

    Utilize two or more claws to secure sheets of wood or sheet metal. Many sheet lifters are equipped with a lip on the lower edge to prevent the load from slipping.

    Strap Hoists

    Slings and strap hoists are typically made from nylon, polyester, wire, or chain and are used to lift materials that are too large or oddly sized to be moved any other way. They are often used with large steel coils and sheets.

    Vacuum Lifters

    Use an extraction pump and pads to create a vacuum seal on the load to ensure consistently damage-free material handling.

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