Capco Crane Completes South Carolina Stacker Crane Installation

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Capco Crane & Hoist, Inc., located just north of Boston in Rowley, MA, is a service organization specializing in the sales, installation, manufacturing and inspection of overhead bridge girder cranes and hoists. They are a member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America and the Material Handling Industry of America.

Capco Crane & Hoist Inc. recently announced they successfully completed the mechanical and initial installation of a ten-ton, 100-foot span stacker crane for a new plant in South Carolina. This unique crane will be used to heat treat titanium aircraft parts.

Once again, the Capco Crane team has delivered a superior piece of equipment on time and also far exceeding the customer’s expectations for quality and performance. Service manager, Tony Caputo noted, "The client could not believe how large and quiet and smooth the crane was running during initial start-up and testing."

Capco Crane and Hoist, Inc. has been a premier electric overhead bridge crane manufacturer/service provider in New England and the USA since the mid-1990s. For more information about Capco’s facilities and services contact David Caputo (Sales Manager) at 58 Forest Ridge Drive, Rowley, MA 01969, toll free at 800-422-7261, fax at 978-948-2294, email [email protected] or visit their website at