Capco Crane Finishes Another Boston Area Crane Installation

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Capco Crane and Hoist Inc. recently installed a vital crane system for a noted valve manufacturer located south of Boston. Capco Crane’s Sales Manager David Caputo said, "The manufacturer’s building needed new concrete footings and Capco Crane designed, fabricated, and installed a truly independent freestanding 40/20-ton top running double girder crane system.The crane is a robust Class D service design with all new age Flux vector controls on all motions, which allows the operator to gain finite control over each travel motion and also allows for precision spotting control for the 40-ton loads. It is completely radio controlled as well."

The crane comes equipped with a special summation limit system that constantly monitors the load on each hook and will not allow either hoist to overpick the rated capacity. This is a smart system that will prevent overloading either hoist as the customer manipulates and spins the heaviest valves they manufacture, with some valves approaching the 40-ton capacity.

Said Mr.Caputo, "The end user was thrilled with the custom installation and applauded the work of the Capco millwright crew. This is actually par for the course at Capco. Our group are always the all-stars at any job site."

Capco Crane & Hoist, Inc., located in Rowley, MA, is a service organization located in the suburban Boston area specializing in the sales, installation, manufacturing and inspection of overhead bridge girder cranes and hoists. They are a member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America and MHIA, the Material Handling Industry of America (www.mhia.org).

Capco Crane and Hoist, Inc. has been a premier electric overhead bridge crane manufacturer/service provider in the New England region since the mid-1990s. For more information about Capco’s facilities and services contact David Caputo (Sales Manager) at 58 Forest Ridge Drive, Rowley, MA 01969; toll free at 800-422-7261, fax at 978-948-2294; email [email protected]; or visit their web site at www.capcocrane.com.