Capco joins CMAA

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Capco Crane & Hoist Inc. became the first New England based crane builder to join CMAA. Capco was accepted to the CMAA organization last year after a rigorous approval process. By joining CMAA, Capco became a part of an elite organization of crane builders in the USA. CMAA member companies make up the best and the brightest crane builders in the industry.

Since Capco was started we set the standard for building cranes in New England. Now, with CMAA as a platform we can help influence the next generation of crane builders all over the USA and beyond. CMAA membership brings along a responsibility to continue to manufacture bridge cranes of the absolute highest quality and constantly push our own standards higher and higher. CMAA membership also provides us “first look” at the latest information in our industry, whether its new technology or changes in industry rules and regulations. For example, CMAA has recently published newly revised specifications including “Spec 78” which applies to properly servicing and maintaining overhead bridge cranes. Any company with an overhead bridge crane should get a copy of “Spec 78” and make it required reading for your maintenance staff. Please consult our office for information on how to obtain “Spec 78” or any other CMAA publication.

New Crane Specification 78 Now Available from CMAA

The Crane Manufacturers Service Committee (CMSC), a Standing Committee of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) has released its newest publication, Specification No. 78, Standards and Guidelines for Professional Services Performed on Overhead Traveling Cranes and Associated Hoisting Equipment.

Contact Capco Crane & Hoist Inc. Today at 1-800-422-7261! Specification 78 was developed to set standards and guidelines for overhead traveling crane service and the service of associated hoisting equipment. The Specification will aid companies in the development of safety-minded, manufacturer-trained and certified technicians to perform these high-quality, professional services.

Specification 78 sets higher performance standards in order to meet raised customer expectations related to the service of overhead traveling cranes and associated hoisting equipment.

The forty-plus page Specification 78 is available for $30.00 per copy. Orders for Specification 78 can be placed through the MHIA Online Bookstore in the Overhead, Lifting and Movement section or via phone to the MHIA Literature Department at 800.345.1815/704.676.1190.

CMAA is the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc., an independent trade association affiliated with the United States Division of Material Handling Industry of America. The voluntary association of CMAA members has existed since 1955. Member companies represent industry leaders in the overhead crane market. For additional information, contact Hal Vandiver, Managing Director of CMAA via e-mail [email protected] or 704.676.1190.