Company News: Capco Crane Finishes Midwest Job

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Capco Crane and Hoist Inc. (Rowley, MA) recently completed a major rehab/renovation project for a Chicago area Power…..on time and under budget as usual. This Power House uses their crane to service the steam turbine and generators just below the crane and to use the crane to move motors and parts in and out of the building for maintenance and service. Capco Crane has a big reputation and loyal customers all over the USA (and beyond) and is known for doing demanding work while keeping tight schedules. Thus; the company is pleased to announce their recently completed major overhaul and upgrade of a sixty year old P&H powerhouse bridge crane in the Chicago area. The crane was in a pump house and was a 15 ton capacity and the end user needed a newer more reliable 20 ton crane capacity. However, the major stumbling block was that a new crane was not an option primarily due to the major installation obstacles, namely, access in and out of the building with a large new crane bridge…..which would require literally dismantling the building. Enter the Capco staff and Project Manager, Jim Couturier, who worked with the end user, a major component manufacturer from Texas and a local contractor to come up with a full proof solution: Perform a complete upgrade and overhaul of the runways and the existing crane itself, basically, systematically replace all of the material, except for the largest steel beams which made up the runway system and the crane bridge beams. Everything else, all the crane rail, power bar, crane end trucks, crane controls, and the crane trolley hoist would need to be replaced with new material. Jim Couturier went to work, with Capco’s staff and lead installers, the men came up with a dynamic rigging and installation plan which included special rigging tools and equipment, a special trolley and a unique monorail and jib crane that was attached temporarily to the existing bridge just to allow the staff to lift and raise the material, as needed, In the end, the crane and runway were upgraded to 20 tons with all new crane rails, power bars, new end trucks, new controls, and a brand new 20 ton trolley hoist, basically the bridge crane was completely overhauled and re-built in the sky…….without making any changes or modifications to the existing building. It was another Capco Installation that amazed the end user and won over the local contractor, who vowed to never use anyone for any crane work EXCEPT for Capco Crane & Hoist, Inc. Capco Crane & Hoist, Inc., located in Rowley, MA, is a service organization located in the suburban Boston area specializing in the sales, installation, manufacturing and inspection of overhead bridge girder cranes and hoists. They are a member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America and MHIA, the Material Handling Industry of America ( www.mhia.org). Capco Crane and Hoist, Inc. (Rowley, MA) has been a premier electric overhead bridge crane manufacturer/service provider in the New England region since the mid-1990s. For more information about Capco’s facilities and services contact David Caputo (Sales Manager) at 58 Forest Ridge Drive, Rowley, MA 01969, toll free at 800-422-7261, fax at 978-948-2294, or visit their web site at www.capcocrane.com .