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Hands on experience, integrity and personal attention to detail are the hallmark of our sales staff. Our team-based approach to every project ensures that every project gets the expert attention that leads to its successful completion. Let our veteran service group help you do more with your overhead crane. Learn more about our services from your New England crane suppliers below.

Our Top Running Bridge Cranes

Overhead Bridge Cranes

Our Top Running Bridge Cranes are Designed and Built for Applications around the World

Overhead cranes (also commonly known as bridge cranes) are commonly found in a wide variety of environments and industries. From the refinery floor or the fabrication shop to automobile assembly, manufacturing, and more, overhead cranes are expected to perform consistently and reliably. At Capco Crane & Hoist, we’ve built our reputation on assembling cranes that our customers can count on, day in and day out. Capco Crane & Hoist Manufactures a variety of overhead bridge cranes, offering a number of solutions for specific applications. Whether you require a crane that is ergonomic and manually operated or a crane that is power driven and can handle massive loads; Capco Crane & Hoist can help. Learn More

Gantry Cranes

Designing and building quality gantry granes for your project

Depending on the application, we may want to design and fabricate a gantry for your project or re-sell a “standard” catalogue type gantry crane. The heavy duty applications are always going to demand that we custom build the gantry in our facility. We have designed and built all types and sizes of gantries, from single leg to double leg gantries. We also offer a excellent selection of catalogue type (manual or motorized gantry cranes)

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Jib Cranes

Providing top quality Jib cranes for your heavy duty project

We represent most manufacturers of jib cranes. We can help select the right jib crane and provide a turnkey installation. We also provide Wall Traveling Jib Cranes per your application.We hope you contact our sales department for any questions on jib cranes.

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Custom Cranes

Providing custom crane solutions for your lifting applications

We are, by nature, a large custom house. The more “custom” the project, the more you need to work with Capco Crane & Hoist, Inc. We are the people to call when the project has “never been done before.” Our combination of talent and experience allows us to be an incredible resource for you and your staff when it Contact Capco Crane & Hoist Inc. Today at 1-800-422-7261! Comes to providing a custom solution to your lifting application. We have custom designed and built building additions, transfer carts, weather barrier cranes turn tables, Wall Traveling Jib Cranes, and much, much more. Contact our sales dept. with any of your “custom” needs.

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Runway Systems

We design and build high quality runway systems for your bridge cranes

If you need a runway system, any type, to support your bridge cranes, we can design and build it for you. We can help you with traditional freestanding runway systems (braced to building steel) and completely independent freestanding runway systems (no bracing allowed). We can work “in harmony” with your building supplier or contractor to help you install the correct runway system for your application. Our experience has helped us land contracts like the Mexico project with (20) different runway systems all over 500 Feet long.

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