Capco Crane introduces their Winding/Unwinding Machinery

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The Capco Crane custom made, winding/unwinding machine is to be used for large dock, ship to shore, RTG , container cranes.The machine is built to pull the new wire rope (cables) through the sheaves from the deck below and safely assist anyone that is working to change a large, long wire rope on any large, container crane. At the same time, it winds up and stores the older cable and as that cable comes off the machine it can wrap up safely and efficiently on the smaller diameter drum. Thus, as the operator unwinds the new cable and pulls it through the sheaves of the container crane, the older damages cable is winding up and being stored. To be properly disposed of at a later date. The machine automates the entire process and makes it safe and fast and efficient which is a huge improvement over the older process of doing all of this type of work manually……with fork trucks and man power. The machines saves time, dock space and plenty of manpower!